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April 20, 2018— Topic:  Ted Talk-How to gain control of your free time-Laura Vanderkam

what to expect

An open and insightful conversation, hosted by an accomplished woman leader, with a dynamic and diverse group of successful career women. An opportunity to share, challenge and connect.

conversation starters

  • What are effective ways you have found to gain control of your time?  Are there any which you have found to be ineffective?
  • Have you had any recent “water heater” moments – where you had to make time for an unplanned priority?  How do you manage/find the time to plan it in to your busy schedule?
  • How do you define your career, relationship & self priorities?  How do you plan those in/find time for what matters?  How do you ensure you have something in all 3 areas?  Are there other areas you feel it is important to have priorities against?
  • What are you thoughts on what the Laura Vanderkam proposes?  Are some for these things you have done in the past?
  • If so, how did you it go – what worked? what didn’t work?
  • If not, is this something you think you will try?